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Classes of NES

For this season the NEO Endurance Series has two different classes: Prototype and Grand Touring (GT). The two classes race together on tack, each with their own battle for the lead.


The prototypes are the fastest and most technologically advanced cars on the grid. cockpit cars with a spec engine supplier. These cars are specifically made for the race track.


Width: 2000 mm
1020 mm
825 kg
Engine: 3.4L V8 naturally aspirated by HPD
Power: 480 bhp
Transmission: HPD-Hewland 6-speed sequential unit with manual paddle-operated gearshift
Fuel capacity: 60 kg

Grand Touring

The Grand Touring (GT) class is this season the only GT class this season. These cars are based on production models and engineered to the maximum performance possible. If you have the money, you could buy these exotic cars at the local dealer. The cars in this class have been updated from GT1 to the current GTE spec. This also meant the Aston Martin and Corvette C6R are no longer used in NES. Fortunately we could replace one iconic rivalry, for another: Ford vs Ferrari. Both cars run on Michelin tires.


Ford GT

Wheelbase: 2710 mm
Height: 1030 mm
Width: 2045 mm
Weight: 1245 kg
Engine: Ecoboost V6, 3.6 L,  DOHC w/ 4 valves per cylinder
Power: 530 bhp
Transmission: 6 speed, sequential
Fuel capacity: 98 liters

Ferrari 488 GTE

Wheelbase: 2700 mm
Height: 1160 mm
Width: 2045 mm
Weight: 1260 kg
Engine: V8, 4 L, twin turbo
Power: 530 bhp
Transmission: 6 speed, sequential
Fuel capacity: 90 liters