A month has passed since the last development round up. The month just before the summer are always hectic, but we found some time to improve the NEO website.

Live timing

The design on the live timing page has been updated and it has now the same look and feel as the main website.


This is a small detail that has been bugging us for a long time. In the dark media block it wasn’t possible to click on the links. First you need to hover over the name and then try to click on the picture while avoiding the other links. This has been fixed now. Now it’s possible to hover and click on the links directly.


Now it’s possible to see the faces behind NEO and the people who work hard behind the scenes for everybody out there. Hover over “ABOUT” and click on “THE TEAM”. This is a neat feature of this website. So make sure you check out that page.

NGT broadcasts

During the season we have been adding the NGT races to the media page. All other NEO events can be found in the race archive.


We have started with adding series to the website and started with the NEO GT Series. Every series will have his own place with brief summery, more detailed information and the latest news about the series. In the near future we will add the results and standings of the NGT. We will make sure the results and standings are ready for use during the NEO Endurance Series in the future.

Next up

There are still a lot of things to do. But with the summer holidays right around the corner, it’s very hectic for all of us. After the NGT season we will have more time to improve the website.
These updates are still to come:

  • Add the results and the final standings of the NGT to the site
  • Add spaces for sponsors
  • Add results of 2013 events
  • Prepare website for NEO Endurance Series
  • Add spaces for sponsoring/partners


If you see any errors on the website or if you have any tips, let us know so we can improve the website. There are various ways to get in touch with us.