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About us

Niel & Egil Organisation (NEO), founded in 2012, is an online virtual racing league with focus on multiclass endurance races as realistic as it can get. NEO racing uses the iRacing Motorsports Simulation software as its platform to organise race events.

The organization is an umbrella for the NEO Endurance run in the first part of 2013 and the later coming NEO Endurance Series (NES).

Our goal with this organization is to give iRacing members the possibility to race in multiclass endurance racing environments with real live stewards, rules and sanctioning and live broadcasts. The goal is to do this as professional as possible and therefore we expect the same from you.

With our own rules along the F.I.R.S.T. Sporting Code and live stewards marshalling the races we can assure you will experience fast, hard but fair racing in all races as faulty driving will be penalized accordingly.

Our mission with NEO Endurance Season 2013 is to get drivers and teams used to the racing format and rules used, as the basics from this season will be transferred to the later coming NEO Endurance Series. NES will, apart from the fair and hard racing of Season 2013, consist of focus on teamwork, driver swapping and money payouts to ensure all teams and drivers stay committed to their task of racing. We are sure that we all have experienced official or private leagues and series with a decline in active drivers in the races as the season progresses. This is often an unconstructive turnout.

Therefore NEO intends to make teams of the NES pay a $50 entry fee to enter the series. By doing this we are sure that teams and drivers will stay committed to the series as they want to get something from their entry fee.

And they will certainly get something from their entry fee – live broadcasts, live race stewards and a big money prize pool for the top teams! We will have more information on the NES format as iRacing implements the driver swapping feature.

For now it’s focus on the Season 2013 with 5 single endurance racing events mimicking real world races: ALMS at Sebring, Grand-Am at Barber, WEC at Spa, the iRacing version of the Nordschleife Green Hell at Virginia and the BES Spa event.

If these races are successful we will continue with these events. We have some great ideas already!

We have a lot of exciting events coming up in the next months, so we welcome you to the greatest multiclass endurance format yet seen in the iRacing service!