From time to time we would like to keep you updated about website updates. This way you all know what has updated and what is still in the pipeline.

New design

As you can see the website has a new design. The reason the website got an update, is because Niel wasn’t happy with the old design for multiple reasons. It looks more professional now and we are very happy with it. Also behind the scenes this design has much more possibilities. The new design also had some compliments from different people on the iRacing forum, so we think you will like it too.

One of the great features of this design, is the news ticker. Originally it showed the time when the article was posted, but this made no sense to us as we don’t post a lot of articles on a day. This has changed to the date of publishing. This detail was a thorn in Niel’s side.

Media archive

Since 2013 we have multiple epic NEO races. Now all races are gathered at one place, the media archive. Here you will be able to find all NEO races. There is only one exception, the 2.4 hours of Spa is not available. We are not able to find it on YouTube. We will try to get this race online too.
In this section we will also add the great promo videos of these great events. This will be done very soon.

Live timing

iRacer Nick Thissen, known from the iRacing forum app (Android) and the PM tool, has helped us out with the live timing. He has rebuild the live timing of IRTVO so it would work with the team scoring of the NEO GT Series. Now everybody can see what the position of the teams and drivers are in real time.
The design of the live timing page is not totally in sync with the new website design yet, but that will be fixed before the next race.

Next up

There are a couple of important updates needed, in no particular order:

  • NEO GT Series needs to be added to the website (information, results and standings).
  • Design of live timing needs an update.

Less important updates:

  • Add results of 2013 events
  • Prepare website for NEO Endurance Series
  • Add spaces for sponsoring/partners
  • Add more videos to the media archive.

This is just a fraction of the updates we have done and have planned to do. In website development you are never done. There is always something small that could be improved.
We hope you enjoyed this article. Are you interested in more of these articles? Let us know, via social media or the NEO thread in the iRacing forum.