iRacing released a hotfix today, after the new build was released last week. You can read the full release notes below.


Heat Racing is now considered a Session Type within the Popular Races Guide.

Heat Racing Sessions for Series and Hosted are now additionally indicated with a flame icon.

The “Launch Beta UI” buttons will now check your Sim version to see if it needs updates before launching the iRacing Beta Interface.

Heat Racing
Fixed an issue that was causing the Consolation Race(s) to be skipped in some Heat Racing events.

If only one person has not advanced to the Feature Race when the Consolation Race(s) are reached, the Consolation Race(s) will be skipped.

If nobody is actively competing in a Race Session in a Heat Racing event, that particular Race Session will end early, so that the Heat Racing events can continue.

– Pit lane will now use Stall 0 for Qualification sessions if no stall is defined for that session.

– The default starting track state for Dirt Oval Heat Races has been increased slightly, and the variance has been expanded.

Fixed the “ResizeBuffers()” crash that has started happening with the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update.

Jump-start rules have been adjusted to include the amount of time the start was jumped into the penalty.

Pit Stop
Fixed an issue with refueling pit stops taking 25 seconds.

Fixed an issue where some Spotter calls were causing application crashes.

Handbrake calibration will now favor an analog input over a button input when available.

Removed some unnecessary blank lines from telemetry session string.

iRacing Beta Interface
Local/Full-Course Cautions can now be set for User-Created Races.

Lucky Dog can now be set for User-Created Races.

User-Created Rallycross races now default to necessary settings (ie: Local Cautions / Standing Starts).

User-Created Rallycross races can now set the number of Joker Laps.

Fixed an issue with track selection while making a User-Created Race.

Fixed an issue with the Test Drive button when used from a Race Series window.


NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry
Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR XFINITY Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Toyota Camry
Season setups have been updated.

Ruf RT 12R
Season setups have been updated.


Iowa Speedway
(Rallycross) – Added some additional trackside objects to help direct the course flow.

Knoxville Raceway
A new pyrotechnics master has been hired at Knoxville Raceway.

Lucas Oil Raceway
(Rallycross) – Added some additional trackside objects to help direct the course flow.

Phoenix International Raceway – 2008
(Rallycross) – The Qualification Session stalls have been removed from the Oval pits, and set to where they should be for Rallycross.

(Rallycross) – Some tire barrier locations have been adjusted.

(Rallycross) – The track bumpmap has been adjusted.

(Rallycross) – Fixed a minor dirt graphical issue in the righthander.