This is the final race of the NEO Endurance Season 2013! Our final round will be held at Mount Panorama Circuit; also known as Bathurst. This event will be a real enduro of 3 hours with 4 different cars, counting McLaren MP4, Ford GT, Cadillac CTS and Kia Optima. Look out for a week of fun and challenges just before christmas. This event is part of the Super Sunday held along with our friends at Targa Series. Targa Series runs 3 Hours of Virginia: “The Targa Virginia” later on the same day, so completing at least 70% of your class leader in both races will reward you with a fine and probably very rare certificate! Will you take up the challenge?

The race will have a randomized weather setting which is also dynamic during the race. No one is no longer sure to be crowned winner of the event beforehand as weather always plays a big part in races and this will be no exception.

Again for this event: Each driver gets one fast repair for the race. The main reason for this is that the damage model in iRacing is not fully developed and minor damage often show up as unrepairable. We want to compensate for this. This will give you an opportunity to fight back. We also want you to take advantage of this possibility to continue racing and not giving up as soon as you hit a wall the first time. Take your car to the pits and get the fast repair and go back out and race!

All the information how to sign up can be found here.

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