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10 Turns with Ronny Nunez

Welcome everyone to the final edition of 10 Turns for NEO season five. I’m joined today by Ronny Nunez, who was part of Torque Freak Racing’s P2 team that won the season finale at Le Mans and finished second in the class championship. Corey Davis:…


Improving communication via text only

There are many similarities between software development and online gaming communities. Mainly in the way we communicate. In my previous blog post, I looked at good practices for Discord. Which I based on my experience with Slack and email at work. In this blog post,…


Discord good practices

With the rise of Discord, a lot of mini-communities are formed. Every league, team, or streamer has their own Discord server now. I am not certain spreading the sim racing community over smaller communities is necessarily a good thing, but that is another discussion. Discord…