Registrations for the NEO Endurance Series season 2 have started

NEO Endurance Series Season 2 now takes registrations. For new teams follow this registration form. New teams should read about the pre-qualification.

Last season’s top 8 teams in each class from must await an invitation sent via email to the team manager. Those teams must use the alternative registration form attached in the email if they wish to sign up for season 2 and use their invitation.

If your team wants to race in season 2 pay attention to the schedule below as this describes when and what to do in order to register for NEO Endurance Series.

Pre-season schedule
Date Time(GMT)
August 30 17:00 Registrations open
September 7 23:59 Deadline registering invited teams
September 21 23:59 Deadline registering new team
September 27 18:00 Pre-qualifying session
October 4 13:00 NES official test day
October 9 16:59 Deadline pre-season roster changes

Regulations about the registration can be found here.