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Race Preview: 6H COTA

Some drivers love it, some drivers hate it, but this weekend, they all have to race it. Circuit of the Americas is up next on the 24H SERIES ESPORTS schedule, and with the help of our team representatives, we’ll preview the second race of the…

10 turns, Media

10 Turns with Marcus Hamilton

Welcome to the second edition of 10 Turns here on Today, I’m lucky enough to be joined by Marcus Hamilton. He’s with the Thrustmaster Mivano Racing team and he’s on their #3 P1 entry that won the overall race at the recent 6 Hours…

10 turns, Media

10 Turns with Niel Hekkens

Welcome to 10 Turns. This is a new interview series we’re debuting this season here on It’s inspired by a similar series that an American motorsport writer named Jeff Gluck does, where he’ll ask 12 questions to different real-world racing drivers every week. It…