We’re looking for a series administrator to help shape the future and manage the league.

About the position

The series admin team consists of one person, Niel Hekkens, who is doing all it takes to run the league on this level. From setting new regulations to creating all required graphic assets. From solving problems to managing social media.

In broad terms, the series admins are responsible for the following:

  • Creating and maintaining the regulations
  • Manage the registrations and update driver rosters when needed
  • Making sure the season and events run smoothly
  • Stewarding during race events
  • Preparing posts for social media
  • Thinking along and deciding on various topics

As a member of the admin team at NEO Endurance, you’ll make sure you apply the rules fairly for everyone. You’ll discuss with teams, gather their feedback, and find the best solution. You’ll face challenges, but also a lot of appreciation. You’ll learn from us and we’ll learn from you.

Here are some things that might give you a better sense of what various tasks are from race to race:

  • Write and send the driver’s briefing document
  • Checking the submitted skins and creating the skin pack
  • Schedule the sessions
  • Stewarding during the races
  • Investigate post-race investigations, process the results, and update the points standings
  • Evaluate the race weekend and solve any issues

You don’t have to do everything and that is also not expected from you. It’s also possible to take on a couple of tasks you like to do. Like, managing the skins and skin pack.

About you

We’re looking for someone with good communication skills. Someone who can constructively give feedback and input. English doesn’t have to be your native language, but you can communicate with others.

You might have experience in top-level competition, in any form. You might not. That’s not important. We care about what you can do and how you do it. You are committed to your responsibilities and make sure they are done well. 

We value people who can take a stand yet commit even when they disagree. Ideas are challenged and subjected to thorough consideration. All with the same goal: to do good work together. That comes with direct feedback, openness to each others’ experience, and willingness to show up for each other as well as for the technical work at hand.

Pay and benefits

This opening is voluntary. We are working on making sure everyone helping with organising, will get reasonable compensation for their time and effort.

Sim racing is a hobby for most of us. We don’t expect you to put a lot of hours into this. Family and work should have priority over sim racing. As long as you are available to give your thoughts and your tasks get done well. Don’t worry if real-life asks more time than anticipated.

Organising NEO Endurance allows you to get closer in the world of autosports and esports. You learn what it takes to organise and manage events. We have a direct line with Creventic, which is a huge source of knowledge. There are also possibilities to co-organise events on location. For example, car manufacturers or racing related entities.

How to apply

Please send an email that speaks directly to this position. Tell us how what role you would like to fulfil within NEO Endurance. Remember, you don’t have to do everything listed above. You can also take on just one, or more, responsibilities. Whatever you like working on or what your area of expertise is.

We don’t know how long it will take to review all applications. You will get a reply as soon as possible and hear if you advance to the interview part of the process.

We look forward to hearing from you. 👏🏼