Season 2 of the NEO Endurance Series (NES) ended only a couple of weeks ago. Besides the regular numbers, eg. race results or the championship standings, are already known. The last couple of weeks, we have gathered more data from last season and here are some interesting numbers.

  • 3 champions: VRS Coanda Simsport (P), Thrustmaster Mivano Racing (GT1), and (GT2).
  • 5: most wins by a team (Thrustmaster Mivano Racing).
  • 7 races. The length of the season.
  • 42 inc’s: the number of inc’s for Team Chimera #54 throughout the whole season (also the least amount of inc’s).
  • 48 hours of racing.
  • 194 drivers: number of drivers registered in season 2.
  • 1637 laps: most completed laps by a car, VRS Coanda Simsport.
  • 3973: average SOF of season 2.
  • 4246: average iRating of all 194 drivers.
  • 9133 km: total race distance.
  • 16476 inc’s: total number of inc’s of all cars combined.
  • 43000+ views: the number of views on YouTube of all races combined.


In addition to these numbers we have also published all stats from all the teams. The spreadsheet can be found here. Here are more stats available. For example: completed laps, number of inc’s, laps per inc and total distance, and more. All this is categorized per team and per class.