NEO GT Series will provide close and hard racing all counting towards fighting for money prizes in the Team Championship.


Points are awarded if the team car has complete at least 70% of the overall leader’s distance. Both PRO and AM classes have the following points structure:

Position Points
1st: 100
2nd: 87
3rd: 75
4th: 64
5th: 54
6th: 45
7th: 37
8th: 30
9th: 24
10th: 19
11th: 14
12th: 10
13th: 7
14th: 5


This means a team of a PRO and AM car can finish in 1st position for the PRO car and 1st position for the AM car. This will result in 200 points in the Team Championship.


The money prizes awarded after the last race is determined from the Team Championship. Top 6 teams will receive a percentage of the money pool. The percentages are:

Position Percentage
1st: 36.36%
2nd: 24.24%
3rd: 18.18%
4th: 12.12%
5th: 6.06%
6th: 3.03%

The more teams signed up for the series the bigger the prizes will be!

An example: Full house of 27 teams (54 drivers) will result in about 113$ for winning the Team Championship.


Read more about the Team Championship in the ruleset found here under section 5 and 6: