In the Qualication session on Saturday November 22nd, 41 cars were on track for 3 hours. It was an intense session with only short gaps in traffic and lack of free air. All teams managed to set valid times and these are the top 3 in each class.

#11 Coanda Simsport 1:48.819
#15 Friction Racing 1:48.819
#3 Apex Racing UK 1:48.950

Grand Touring:
#35 iRacingDenmark Assault Racing 1:59.931
#34 Apex Racing UK 2:00.291
#64 Fenix Motorsports 2:00.626

Grand Touring Challenge:
#77 Vergil Racing 2:05.262
#73 Apex Racing UK 2:05.756
#95 IRDK Endurance 2:05.801

Tune in tomorrow at 14.00 GMT for the conclusion of this weekend’s action.
Watch the race here

Qualification Results: