NEO Endurance and Gathering of Tweakers (GoT) announced last September to raise money for the Motorsport Safety Foundation. NEO participates in the “% for safety” program of MSF. $6 of each team goes to MSF. On top of that, the fee for each roster change during season also goes to MSF. GoT joined this season by donating the fee for the roster changes as well.

Now the season has finished and all of the administration is done, NEO Endurance is proud to announce we raised $342 in total for the Motorsport Safety Foundation! In addition Gathering of Tweakers raised $130. That makes it a total of $472! “This is an amazing amount! We are proud to support MSF and safety in motorsports as passionate fans. As we said before: sim racers are not just gamers, but motorsports fans in the first place,” said NEO co-founder Niel Hekkens.

About Motorsport Safety Foundation
The Motorsport Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving safety standards in motorsport. It is a community where members can come together and have a voice, a place to share safety concerns and collaborate on research. MSF encourages active participation from all members who share our view that motorsport can and should be safer.

The charity was founded in honor of Sean Edwards, a professional race car driver who tragically died while coaching from the passenger seat at an Australian race track. Sean crashed into a reinforced concrete wall that was not properly equipped with the minimum safety barriers to dissipate the impact.

Issues like these are what the Motorsport Safety Foundation continuously works to change: fixable problems that can prevent another driver, crew marshal, or even fan from serious injury or death.

For more information about the Motorsport Safety Foundation, visit

About NEO Endurance
NEO Endurance, founded in 2012, is an online virtual racing league with focus on multiclass endurance events organized as professional as possible. NEO uses the Motorsports Simulation as its platform to organize series and events. For more information about NEO, visit

About Gathering of Tweakers Racing
Gathering of Tweakers iRacing is a big community from the BeNeLux with mainly members from Belgium and The Netherlands. Their motto is ‘serious racing with a smile’. GoT organizes weekly a Monday Tournament race, every 13 weeks a Season Final and Monday Madness,  the GoT Endurance Series and iRacing Schools. The community has drivers of various levels. For more informations about the community, visit