Coming into round 7 at Nürburgring GP on Sunday April 10, the season is coming to an end. It’s been a roller coaster ride with ups and down for both teams and the organization. Heading into this final race we still have a lot of things to settle with regards to the championship standings. has already taken the championship in GT2, but in both GT1 and Prototype the champions will be crowned not until the end of this last race.

Apart from the battle in the lead, several teams are fighting for survival to stay inside the top 8 in each class. A team is given an automatic invitation to the next season of NEO Endurance Series if the team finishes within top 8 of the class championship. This means we have a lot of important racing to watch this Sunday! Take a look at the current standings to get the complete picture. Here is an overview of what to look out for in the 8 hours race.


In the lead Virtual Racing School Coanda Simsport just need 15 points in this race to secure the championship on their own. With Radicals Online in second place needing a win and bad luck for the Coanda team, it’s the VRS Coanda Simsport championship to lose.


For the survival game, technically about 7 teams are fighting to get the automatic invitation, but in reality it would seem that it’s a battle between #3 Revolution Racing (51 pts), #14 Odox Motorsport (35 pts) and #10 Fenix Motorsports (34 pts).


Leading with 43 points to Hammer Down Racing, Thrustmaster Mivano Racing (245 pts) is as close to clinching the championship as they can be. They will have to make sure Hammer Down Racing (202 pts) does not win the race and the title is theirs. Thrustmaster Mivano Racing has been in a class of their own this season with only the third round at Watkins Glen being a disappointment. Radicals Online GT1 (199 pts) seem to have secured at least 3rd position for the team, so expect them to go all-in to achieve 2nd place ahead of Hammer Down Racing.


In the middle of the class championship just 22 points separate VergilRacing in 12th position and IRDK Endurance in position 7. Mainly the battle for at least a top 8 is between IRDK Endurance, Geko Vortex SimRacing and SRN Motorsports just 11 points apart. But the VergilRacing guys are quick if they stay trouble free and may jump them all. Statistics are against this team though after having only one successful race this season so far.


As earlier mentioned, is already crowned winners of the GT2 championship after 3 wins, 2 second positions and one third place, which is very impressive. Fenix Motorsports in second position has also secured their position with 211 points.


Despite 35 points between eight and ninth position in this class and a top 8 most likely certain, multiple positions still have to be determined between 3rd position of Torrent Motorsports and 4th position IRDK Assault Racing, as well as a fight between Racing Lions and Asbury Motorsports for 6th and 7th.

All in all, there are plenty of races in the race and one thing is certain: nothing is determined before the checkered flag after 8 hours of racing this Sunday April 10. The race starts at 13:00 GMT. Watch the race on our live page to see how the final positions are being determined.